About Hyena Mfg

Heyna Mfg. is a one-man operation by owner/engraver Mike Faudel. Originating in Brooklyn, NY then moving to Montreal, Quebec, Hyena is inspired by utilitarian items that are built to last for generations. 

I originally started engraving Zippos when I discovered Vietnam-era trench art on the lighters carried by soldiers during the war. The Zippos they carried served a multitude of purposes and the soldiers customized them to reflect their thoughts on the war, life, or just to add some humor to their existence. I love the idea that an item that is so functional and that can last so long can carry with it an impression of it's owner. That inspired me to create objects that could be very personal to a person, but get better with age and be passed down or passed on to continue the story. 

I specialize in metal engraving of all kinds and although I offer pre-made designs, I love doing custom work as it is truly what inspired me to start engraving in the first place. 

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